Despite BTC cost losing Marathon is continuing to mine

  • 15:34 Jun 21, 2022
Despite BTC cost losing Marathon is continuing to mine

There is a very unpleasant time on the crypto markets which became the reason for tough losses for investors and miners. Most of them begin to lose trust in their digital assets and sell them out. But there is the minority of companies which still work despite the declining cost of tokens.

Such a company became Marathon – one of the market leaders. According to its managers’ words the process of saving began in October 2020 and today Marathon Digital owns 9941 BTC.

Charlie Schumaher, who responds for communications, said that the company is isolated from external influences and this position together with low cost of resources and transactions allow it to continue mining. According to the data, by the 2022 beginning the cost of mining per 1 BTC is $6200. It demonstrates that the process is still profitable despite by $19 000 declining.

Charlie Schumaher admitted that the company works due to a long-term perspective and sure that the assets will become profitable in the future despite decreasing currently. At the same time Schumaher noticed the shortence quantity of mining-companies that means the complexity and cost decreasing.

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