Montana Becomes Crypto Mining Haven with "Right to Mine" Legislation

  • Sergey Maga
  • 12:44 Apr 13, 2023
Montana Becomes Crypto Mining Haven with "Right to Mine" Legislation

Montana has recently made headlines by legalizing cryptocurrency mining, allowing it to become a hub for the emerging industry. The state's Senate passed the "Right to Mine" Bitcoin bill with a remarkable vote of 37-13, granting citizens the right to own and operate cryptocurrency mining equipment without government interference.

The move is a major victory for cryptocurrency supporters and aims to attract new investors and businesses to Montana. By taking this proactive approach, the state acknowledges the potential economic benefits that the growth of the cryptocurrency market can bring.

The bill also ensures fair utility rates for crypto miners and companies, preventing them from being charged higher rates than other industries for the same energy consumption. This is expected to level the playing field for businesses across different sectors.

The legislation follows allegations made by the New York Times against Riot Inc, a leading Bitcoin mining company in the US, which was accused of consuming substantial electricity and releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases. With the legalization of crypto mining, companies like Riot Inc will now be able to continue their operations in Montana.

In contrast, the Texas Senate recently passed a bill to limit Bitcoin miners' participation in demand response programs, which pay miners to reduce energy consumption during periods of high demand. The decision was made in response to concerns about the strain such operations could place on the state's power grid.

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