Massive, which received a Kadena grant, launches a mining pool

  • 14:30 Feb 24, 2023
Massive, which received a Kadena grant, launches a mining pool

Massive's NoPool project is a carbon-neutral mining pool that will be supported by cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain. 

According to Kadena, NoPool has become part of its ecosystem and intends to address the problem of centralized mining pools, as well as minimize Kadena's impact on the environment. 

Once the platform launches, miners will be able to work on new Bitmain-enabled certificates. The main goals of the new pool are decentralization and no carbon footprint.

NoPool is a development of Massive. It allows users not to pay for unused processing power. Massive was also among the companies that received the Kadena Eco grant. It is the first pool that intends to encourage PoW miners to switch to more environmentally friendly processes. Specifically, miners who use 80% of clean energy will receive a certificate and will not have to pay for the pool's services for one month per quarter. 

Bitmain, which launched the Kadena Antminer KA3 mining device, also intends to support NoPool and miners willing to work on clean energy. Additional hashrate for the pool will also be provided by Kadena Mining Club. NoPool is currently in beta testing. Gradual decentralization will be implemented as new users join.

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