Is mining at home easier than frying eggs? Here are some crypto-mining tips

  • 18:13 Oct 10, 2022
Is mining at home easier than frying eggs? Here are some crypto-mining tips

Of course, you can't get BTC as easily as a freshly cooked breakfast. But there are a few cool things you need to pay attention to when farming bitcoin.

You often see the maxim that "you need a serious setup to mine BTC. You definitely can't do it at home". That's what serious guys who "ate their teeth in crypto pharma" and have been in the cryptoindustry for years will say. And these guys will be right... in part.

Chances of earning coveted virtual coin at home are very small. But there are still chances. And if you can not get a block, you'll get a very valuable experience that will definitely be useful to you in the future. Unless, of course, you will continue mining BTC (or any other crypto).

So, the tips

1. Spend some time studying the basics of mining. This will help you blog site You will find only relevant and effective tips on farming virtual coins. As well as competent reviews of crypto, pools and equipment.

2. Buy a small asik, which has already been in use. You don't need a new one. You will spend much more on it than you can earn. But if you are desperate for success and you are sure that your luck will be more attractive to you, you can buy new device for pharma BTC.

3. Buy some cooling equipment. You will need it in order to prevent the ashik from catching fire after the first few hours of continuous work. Okay, just kidding, a fire is unlikely to happen. But the device will be damaged in a big way.

4. Nowhere without a bitcoin wallet. You can read more about them in our blog.

5. Install the software or join a pool.

That's all, the only thing left is to start the devices, apply the knowledge that you have learned on the website After that, the mining process will begin. Every day monitor the performance of your device, reading additional literature is welcome. In any case, investing in mining is the right investment. One that will pay off sooner or later.

By the way

We decided to write this short article to remind you once again that mining BTC (and other crypto) can still be profitable with the right approach. We hope everything will work out for you.

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