Mining in the Netherlands helps grow tulips

  • 11:54 Dec 13, 2022
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Mining in the Netherlands helps grow tulips

In the suburbs of Amsterdam, florists have learned to use miners to save natural gas that is used to heat greenhouses. The air heated by the devices is redirected to maintain a comfortable temperature for the flowers.

A standard greenhouse requires about six asics. In this way, farmers are not just solving heating issues and also mining bitcoins.

However, as the greenhouse owners say, in addition to reducing the consumption of natural gas, it is important not to forget about the maintenance of the devices themselves. The miners should be cleaned in time from dust and insects from nearby plants and soil. Nevertheless, it seems that this way of working justifies itself.

As for the value of BTC, which has fallen sharply over the past year, the farmers are not particularly worried about it. According to the local media, flower growers say they have a long-term strategy for their business, and bitcoin could grow significantly in the future.


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