Mining in Iran will become more expensive

  • 15:21 Nov 03, 2022
Mining in Iran will become more expensive

Iranian miners received a notice from a local gas company that the cost of gas was going up.

The document states that the increase will apply to the entire fiscal year, which began in March. Based on this, bills previously received will be recalculated at the new rates.

The cost of gas will increase twice as much as the previous rates. Miners will also pay additional VAT (9%).

According to Abbas Ashtiani, who heads the Blockchain Association of Iran, this decision violates the agreements, and the new prices should not apply to previous periods.

Iran's cryptocurrency community is confident that these actions will result in more and more miners turning to the illegal sector. For their part, the authorities believe that the miners have something to do with the power shortage and have several times suspended the operation of companies that mine cryptocurrencies.

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