Bitcoin mining will reduce the negative impact on the planet's ecology?

  • 22:03 Oct 20, 2022
Bitcoin mining will reduce the negative impact on the planet's ecology?

We are talking about using methane in BTC mining. The first virtual coin may turn out to be carbon-neutral, which would clear it of charges of pollution. More specifically, these outbursts are more about large bitcoin farms. If all goes as planned, global emissions will be reduced by two percent.

Many media outlets often criticize BTC mining. This is due to the enormous negative impact that bitcoin farming has on the environment. Some believe that mining is a driving force in climate change. Such data is confirmed by numerous reports of varying degrees of credibility.

Nevertheless, representatives of the crypto-sphere consider many accusations against them, which in huge numbers come from eco-activists, unfounded. Many miners of virtual coins are looking for alternative sources of electricity. These include solar panels and wind turbines. Also information about using methane when farming BTC and other crypto began to appear more and more often.

From the information presented in the BatCoinz account, it is clear that the carbon footprint of using methane is getting smaller.

If methane, which just happens to be in the atmosphere in the United States, were channeled into BTC mining, it would reduce global emissions by as much as two percent. This success would have been achieved in just over two years.

Troy Cross, a researcher at the Bitcoin Policy Institute, gave his opinion on the environmental impact of BTC. He voiced one of his reports and suggested alternatives that could minimize the negative impact of bitcoin mining on nature.

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