Miners in Cuba suffer because of regular blackouts

  • Ultramining.com
  • 14:07 Dec 13, 2022
Miners in Cuba suffer because of regular blackouts

The state of Cuba's power system is causing difficulties for miners. Constant power outages do not allow mining cryptocurrency efficiently. 

Note that the prospect of cryptocurrencies on the "island of freedom" was initially very high. For many Cubans, digital assets became an alternative to fiat money. Crypto was used to pay for international purchases, Internet transactions, and money transfers. 

As for mining, it was perceived as an investment. However, many farms were threatened by regular blackouts. Rydel Gonzalez, one of the smaller miners, said that such difficulties prevented full operation:

I had to spend enough money to buy equipment, but power outages put the process at risk. 

The purchase of generators does not save the situation either. The telecommunications network does not work with unstable power, so miners are left without the Internet, which makes cryptocurrency mining impossible. 


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