Pow.re launches new data centers in Asuncion

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  • 12:40 Oct 14, 2022
Pow.re launches new data centers in Asuncion

The new cryptocurrency mining centers will be located in the city of Asuncion. It is planned that 12 MW of energy will be used from hydropower. The Whatsminer units purchased will produce about 396 PH/s.

According to plans, the first object will be up and running by the end of this year. The second one at the beginning of 2023. There are reports from the miner that this kind of expansion will provide an opportunity to increase operations capacity and will reach 0.5 EH/s as early as the end of spring 2023.

According to Pow.re co-founder C. J. O:

The wideness in Paraguay became the result of the long work. PoW algorithms can act as batteries for green energy sources. Thus, the company will help the development of this direction.

The Whatsminer miners purchased should be delivered to Asunción by the end of the month.

Jan Decoto, one of the founders of Pow.re, admitted:

MicroBT devices have already demonstrated their efficiency. Also, these miners should allow our investors to have optimal ROIC numbers in the industry.

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