Blackstone Data Services will launch a new data center in Virginia


19:38 Oct 26, 2022

Blackstone Data Services will launch a new data center in Virginia

The organization plans to open a data center dedicated to virtual coin mining in Tazewell County, United States. The mining facilities will be located in the Bluestone Business and Technology Park building.

The project will cost about 18 million U.S. dollars in all. The funds will be provided by private investors who see the benefits of crypto mining. The new facility will provide jobs for local residents. A pair of external servers have already been installed for the project, designed to process the data.

Charlie Stacey, a member of the U.S. Eastern District Board of Supervisors welcomed Blackstone Data Services to Bluestone Technology Park. He hopes the facility will not only provide jobs, but also attract additional capital to the region.

Blackstone remains an important player in the U.S. mining community. The company provides hosting services as well as virtual coin mining. It is known that the new facility will also operate for three neighboring states, attracting the attention of investors.

Seth White – CEO of Blackstone – hopes that the company will be able to establish contact with businesses that specialize in the coal, gas industry. The specialist is confident that this will help minimize energy costs.

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Bluestone, the technology park that will house Blackstone Data Services' new facility, was built in 2011. The size of the park is 680 acres.

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