China and Russia stay without GPU

  • 17:28 Sep 02, 2022
China and Russia stay without GPU

It connected to new license demands, that were implemented by US authorities. According to them, the export of high-tech products to Russia and China is banned.

Nvidia send a report to SEC where noticed that processors of the A100 and H100 series are under restrictions now. The USA points out as the motivation for such a ban that Russia or China could use American developments in the military aims.

As a result of these demands, Nvidia’s revenue will decline greatly. Only due to the Chinese buyers' absence will be missed $400 million.

After this information was announced, the rate of Nvidia’s shares failed down by 6.5%. Thereby, the producer applied to the SEC in the hope that it would make an exception and deliveries to China will continue.

About new demands informed in AMD. They affected the MI250 chip, which is used for AI. The company pointed out that such a ban does not have a strong impact on business.

Recall that after the sanctions were imposed, SBI Crypto left Russia. Also on the sanctions list was Bi                             tRiver, which intends to challenge it in court.

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