Hash Rate of Updated SHA256 Protocol Increases by 75% in 2023

  • Sergey Maga
  • 18:13 Mar 27, 2023
Hash Rate of Updated SHA256 Protocol Increases by 75% in 2023

In a remarkable development, NiceHash’s SHA256ASICBoost hashrate has experienced a significant increase since the beginning of 2023. This impressive growth highlights the widespread adoption and efficiency of the upgraded SHA256 protocol, known as SHA256AsicBoost, among miners.

SHA256AsicBoost is an advanced version of the traditional SHA256 algorithm that enables ASIC miners to use less power while mining. This enhanced efficiency makes it the preferred choice for modern ASICs, due to its lower power consumption. As a result, miners who use contemporary SHA256 ASICs on NiceHash are encouraged to connect to SHA256AsicBoost.

Various ASIC models support AsicBoost, including all modern ASICs manufactured after 2018. Some custom firmware may need manual adjustments to enable AsicBoost, while older ASICs with updated firmware might also gain support for this upgraded protocol.

The increase in SHA256ASICBoost hashrate on NiceHash can be attributed to the growing number of ASICs leveraging this power-saving technology. Overall, it signifies the growing trend towards energy-efficient mining practices in the cryptocurrency industry.

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