Greenpeace: "Change the code, not the climate"

  • 11:45 Nov 24, 2022
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Greenpeace: "Change the code, not the climate"

The initiative under this title reflects the attitude of the world-renowned environmental protection organization to mining. Greenpeace believes that the mining on the PoW algorithm irreparably harms the environment.

One of the key claims of the companies engaged in mining is that they do not want to recognize their participation in the negative changes in the environment.

As a solution, Greenpeace recommends abandoning the PoW algorithm and transferring processes to PoS. As for the organization, its subdivision in the United States refused to accept payments in BTC. In this case, the representatives of the "green" indicated that they did not consider it a significant loss, because the demand for such payments was already small.

 As for the harm of mining to the environment, opinions are divided. Moreover, many assumptions have been refuted, and the miners are trying to use renewable energy sources.

However, according to the representatives of Greenpeace, a significant percentage of the harm is not visible in the short term, and it will be possible to speak more specifically about the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment in about 20 years.

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