Greenidge and NYDIG will sign an agreement

  • 17:31 Dec 20, 2022
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Greenidge and NYDIG will sign an agreement

The prospect of bankruptcy forced Greenidge and its creditor to sign the agreement. According to the contract NYDIG pays $74.4 million debt and places its hardware.

Despite the strong prospect of reaching an agreement, the default is still actual, as Greenidge officials admitted:

Out TOP management is actively discussing the perspective of bankruptcy.

That information is already directed to the SEC on Tuesday. NYDIG will pay off from $58 million to $68 million in debt and acquire 2.8 Eh/s of capacity. The miner will then retain ownership of 1.2 Eh/s. For Greenidge, this means turning its work model from direct cryptocurrency mining to hosting services. In the reports as of September, 30 the amount of outstanding debt was $74.7 million.


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