The State Duma will once again consider the draft law on mining


15:57 Oct 28, 2022

The State Duma will once again consider the draft law on mining

After the State Duma rejected the initial bill version, the finalized document was submitted again for consideration.

Anatoly Aksakov pointed out that the new version of the document raises the issue of the legalization of mining and the use of cryptocurrencies outside the country as a means of payment.

According to available information, the bill considers the position of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. All available sources agree that the possibility of payments in cryptocurrency within the country is not considered.

As for the regulation of cryptocurrencies in general, most representatives of the crypto sphere point to the need to introduce simple and transparent rules that will make the work more transparent.

Igor Pershikov, a representative of 8848 Invest noted:

An important aspect is to consider the interests of all parties: the state, business, and population. Formation of unified conditions for work is the best way.

According to Evgeniya Burova, marketing director of the cryptocurrency exchange Garantex:

It is worth developing a consensus between the cryptocurrency industry and the state. The rapid development of the sphere of digital assets leads to the fact that the regulation is late. And in general, this is a normal process. Having a good legal framework will allow miners, brokers, exchanges, and other participants to do business in a legal and predictable environment.

Sarkis Darbinyan, a representative of the DRC company, also sees regulation as a necessary procedure. However, he disagreed with the absence of the legalization of cryptocurrency payments.

Digital currencies should be taken as a means of payment. It is needed to allow cryptocurrency owners to freely dispose of assets after identification. In case of low tax rates, the country will be able to attract innovation.

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