Has the CEO of Kraken left his position?

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  • 17:32 Sep 22, 2022
Has the CEO of Kraken left his position?

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell decided to leave his position and move to the position of Chairman of the company. The motive of such transition can be called very noble - to protect the interests of the crypto industry.

However, it's not quite clear yet from whom and who it is needed (apart from Jesse himself). The former CEO will be replaced by Dave Ripley. Who had previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer.

A reminder of what Kraken is all about

It's a popular service headquartered in San Francisco. The company allows for a seamless exchange of digital assets. The final trading volume has approached the mark – thirteen percent of the total global value. This figure was current as of 2019.

So what will Jesse Powell do now?

This news appeared on September 21. Local media noted that Powell will devote his full potential and professionalism to protecting the crypto industry and developing software for his company.

At the time, Dave Ripley was not going to give way to his predecessor in terms of productivity. Insiders hope he can take Kraken to the next level. Over the past six years as the company's chief operating officer, Ripley has greatly increased the number of qualified employees. He has also helped with global licensing and partnerships.

Ripley's main goal will be to accelerate the cryptocurrency's development.


Under Sidney Powell, the company has become one of the best crypto exchanges. According to information provided by Coingecko, Kraken's financial turnover exceeded $600 million.

How will the company feel with the new CEO? It's not clear yet. Let's continue to follow developments.

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