What is an ASIC miner

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  • 20:36 Mar 10, 2022
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What is an ASIC miner

When cryptocurrency first appeared, it could be mined even on an ordinary computer. Later with the competition growth video cards (GPUs) appeared, which gave greater hashing speed. Then ASIC mining appeared.

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is a powerful processor. It is used to solve a specific task. An ASIC has higher processing power than a video card and has more options for mining cryptocurrencies. Each ASIC is made for a specific mining algorithm. Therefore it is important to choose ASIC which will be suitable for the algorithm of that coin which you are going to mine.

ASIC miner is suitable for such mining algorithms as: sha-256 (btc, bch, bsv, sys, etc); scrypt (ltc, doge, via); x11 (dash, pura); blake256/2b (dcr, sc).

ASIC miner consists of:

  • ASIC board of microchips.
  • A memory block to provide computational work.
  • A cooler for refrigeration.
  • A panel of ports to connect everything you need.
  • A simple casing.

How ASICs work

Each chip on the central board performs a programmed algorithm.

They are all synchronized with each other to increase streaming power.

A request is made to the blockchain and the pool is decrypted.

If you want to buy cryptocurrency mining equipment, give preference to the largest manufacturers, such as: Bitmain, Innosilicon,whatsminer.

Top hardware for bitcoin mining

Bitcoin can be mined using asics. Bitmain is the leader among all suppliers. Canaan Creative (good AvalonMiner devices), Ebang Communication (Ebit) and Bitfury are at the top also.

Current Bitcoin mining ASICs from Bitmain:

1) Antminer S9 - still good equipment for mining, used as an inexpensive option. Can bring a good profit with low electricity charges.

  • Hashrate - up to 14TH/s (Antminer S9); up to 16TH/s (Antminer S9k).
  • Price - $263 to $430. (From the official Bitmain website).

2) Antminer S17 - model 2020. There is an economy mode in which the power is reduced to 35 TH/s, and power consumption to 1470 w.

  • The average monthly yield - about $470.
  • ASIC miner hashrate - up to 53 TH/s (for S17), and up to 64 TH/s (for S17e).
  • Price Antminer S17e - $2950 (On the Bitmain website).

3) Antminer S19/S19PRO - model released in 2021. The last and most powerful model at the moment.

  • Hashrate - up to 95 TH/s (for S19); up to 110 TH/s (for S19 PRO).
  • Power consumption - 3250w.
  • Yield - $522 (for S19) and $606 (for S19 PRO).
  • Cost - about $2118 (for S19) and about $3769 (for S19 PRO).

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