will leave Russian miners behind due to EU sanctions after all?

  • 20:21 Oct 15, 2022 will leave Russian miners behind due to EU sanctions after all?

Another company popular with Russians engaged in cryptocurrency mining will stop supplying its services to the Russian Federation. If you have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and you have some virtual assets stored on Blockchain servers, you can cash them out until October 27 of this year.

The service has created an informational mailing list of letters for its customers who fall under the restrictions. It is known that such measures are related to the EU sanctions, which are directed against Russia.

Many miners and other crypto-sphere specialists from the Russian Federation stored their virtual assets using Now, apparently, this will no longer be possible.

The company does not specify how long the blocking will last. And those users who ignore the warning will likely lose all of their earned crypto assets.

Other foreign companies that have been linked to virtual coins have also joined the restrictions.

Last week, the European Union adopted another (eighth in a row) package of sanctions that targeted the Russian Federation.

The official EU website indicates that the existing restrictions related to virtual coins will be much stricter. This will be achieved by a complete ban on all accounts, wallets designed for cryptocurrencies.

This time, the amount in the virtual wallet will not be affected either. Previously, Russian miners were allowed to keep up to 10,000 euros. 

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