BitFarms and Marathon Digital will mine more BTC

  • 16:35 Sep 20, 2022
BitFarms and Marathon Digital will mine more BTC

"Digital gold" was again below the critical for many experts mark of $20 thousand. However, this was not the reason for BitFarms and Marathon Digital to think about reducing capacities. On the contrary, the companies whose shares are traded on the Nasdaq intend to increase bitcoin mining volumes.

The latest addition not only underscores the importance of the companies in the mining industry but also indicates that shareholders and other decision-makers were given consent before making such decisions.

BitFarms began operations in Argentina, the fourth country in which the company operates. On the whole, it has ten sites with a total capacity of 176 mW. Commenting on the plans for Argentina, BitFarms representatives noted the lucrative contract, which was signed for eight years.

Marathon Digital intends to continue investing in capacity growth and reach 23 Eh/s by the summer of 2023. Such aspirations of major mining players suggest that they are confident that the value of BTC has a chance to grow. 

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