The White House does not want to deal with mining

  • 17:02 Oct 27, 2022
The White House does not want to deal with mining

Nick Carter, one of the most famous cryptocurrency experts, told this. According to him, the administration of Joe Biden does not have the correct vision regarding mining. And despite this, it is not going to deal with this issue.

Nick Carter revealed that he had been approached before the upcoming report, however:

 There was no desire to hear comments and those in the White House are not at all interested in what industry representatives will say about bitcoin mining.

The expert also noted that there are many topics expected in the report that may show the negative side of cryptocurrency mining. However, many of these aspects have already been refuted.

In addition, Nick Carter also noted questions regarding the "accusations" of mining in excessive energy consumption. He is sure that the authorities apply stricter requirements to cryptocurrency mining than to any other economy area.

According to Carter, there are sources of excessive energy in the country. However, the overemphasis on sustainable standards has led to the need for outside purchases.

Overall, Nick Carter is confident that the criticism of PoW and the positive comments about PoS is nothing more than the subjective opinion of White House officials. He pointed out that with Democrats dominating Congress, the risk of a ban on mining is high. Whereas with a Republican majority the situation is the opposite.

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