Is Aspen Creek Digital betting on solar power?

  • 21:08 Oct 26, 2022
Is Aspen Creek Digital betting on solar power?

It is known that the company is increasing its production capacity by building a new virtual coin mining center using solar panels.

Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC) is one of the operators of crypto pharma. What is its popularity? The company uses renewable energy for the process. Which allows it to minimize emissions of harmful substances into the environment.

An experimental eco-friendly mining farm started operating in the state of Texas (United States). It is known that the data center has a capacity of approximately 30 MW. It will hold about ten thousand asics. All this will be connected to the platform, which generates electricity through solar energy. The approximate capacity of such a unit is estimated at 87 MW.

This facility will be one of the largest among those that use renewable energy sources. Among others, it will house the client facilities of Compass Mining.

Alexander DaCosta – CEO of ACDC – said he hopes to have a 3GW pipeline fully powered by wind, solar and battery power in three years. According to him, the company's mission is to create a sustainable energy source. One that would not harm the planet's ecology.

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