Arkon Energy is gearing up for wide BTC mining

  • 16:55 Nov 18, 2022
Arkon Energy is gearing up for wide BTC mining

The mining company got $28 million and bought a new object located in Norway powered by renewable energy. The capacity of the data center is 60 mW.

The backbone of the project's funding was investments, including new investors. For example, Kestrel 0x1, the start-up representative said:

"The acquisition of Hydrokraft AS is just a piece of a larger idea to build a clean energy mining platform. This ecosystem will have energy sovereignty, a strong balance sheet, and diversification.

Hydrokraft is a mining object that runs on hydropower their current power of 30 mW could easily double in size. One of the reasons Arkon Energy cited for funding the project was the need to find alternatives to the much-overpriced traditional energy sources. Company representatives note that investors are much better at financing innovative projects now.

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