Argo Blockchain managed to restore its listing on Nasdaq

  • 22:00 Jan 24, 2023
Argo Blockchain managed to restore its listing on Nasdaq

The company received a written notice from the exchange that its listing has been restored. The decision was based on the compliance of Argo Blockchain securities with the exchange's rules.

The BTC-miner itself received comments that it considers the issue closed and sees no point in returning to its discussion.

Recall that previously Argo was faced with the fact that its shares were trading below $1 for more than 30 days. This was not by the rules of the exchange, so the bitcoin miner was notified accordingly. For the listing to be reinstated, it was required to keep the securities above $1 for 30 business days. Argo met the conditions as of January 13.  

Thus, even with the leaked bankruptcy document, the company does not plan to file for insolvency. However, the miner acknowledged financial difficulties. 

There were also reports that Argo plans to sell some of its equipment to maintain liquidity. In addition, a request was sent from the mining company to restore the listing in the UK. 

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