On December 12-13, 2022, a two-day WORKSHOP «To The Moon» will be held in Kazakhstan

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  • 19:00 Dec 05, 2022
On December 12-13, 2022, a two-day WORKSHOP «To The Moon» will be held in Kazakhstan

Do you want to understand crypto and mining in a couple of days and understand where to invest next year? The organizers of this workshop promise that in a short period of time you will be able to master the tools of effective interaction with virtual coins.

Coordinators and initiators of this event are residents of CryptoCommunity «CryptoBaron» and representatives of Business Awakening LLC.

The event will take place in Kazakhstan and will bring together about one thousand participants.

As stated on the site of the organizers of the event, the main goal of «To The Moon» – is a comfortable dive into the crypto-world and a story about it in simple language.

What awaits you during the workshop

  1. Gaining skills. As well as understanding how to make money on crypto even with $10 in your pocket. This can be done by buying, selling, and storing virtual coins.
  2. Training opportunities. Speakers and mentors will help you build a crypto portfolio with the right sources of information to gain new knowledge.
  3. Hangout with speakers and investors.
  4. Development in popular trends. Such as NFT, meta universes and so on.

Blocks of the event

The event will consist of three parts.

1. The basics (theory and practice on your device)

The following questions will be covered:

  • basic fundamental types of earning;
  • mistakes of the beginners in the field of mining and crypto;
  • discussion of the RF and CIS tax and legal frameworks;
  • formation of the reserve part of the crypto portfolio.

2. NFT

Main focus on the following topics:

  • buying/selling NFT;
  • private trading and IDO practice.

3. Stacking, Farming, Arbitrage.

Here you will learn about DeFi and talk about trading, arbitrage, steaking and farming.

Speakers at the event will be

  • Margulan Seisembaev, the founder of the Margulan.info educational platform. «Why smart people are not getting rich? Why does a smart person need a stupid portfolio?».
  • Ulugbek Sharipov, winner of the Forbes Kazakhstan rating. With the topic: «From -180 to 900 million for the year. How to come to success through the crisis».
  • Igor Pavlenko, a top cryptoinluencer according to Binance. With the theme: «The shadow side of trading, which they do not talk about».
  • Roman Kaufmann, founder of IBCG, HOQU, MetaDataLink, KAUFMAN Production. With the theme: «What is DeFi? An overview of the main DEXes – how they work and what is the difference».

According to the rules of the event, there will be other participants.

Event is paid, to register and know the price of the ticket, you can find out on the official site of the workshop.

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