Whatsminer M30S 86T

Whatsminer M30S 86T

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 86 Th/s
  • Energy
    3300 W
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If you are looking for how to mine bitcoin even more efficiently, one of the best decisions is to buy Whatsminer M30S 86T from the giant of the industry – the Chinese company MicroBT.

The format is the same, and performance is higher – that's how we can briefly describe the new Whatsminer line of miners.

Asik M30S 86T has maximum power and speed. At the same time, the model is versatile, like all M30S of the Whatsminer line: any spare parts, from coolers to boards, are always available.


The M30S 86T asic is housed in a rugged single-tube design and features a flat, built-in power supply with excellent energy efficiency.

The miner is capable of producing a prohibitive 86 Th/s. All because Whatsminer has 8 nm chips for the latest generation asics. As a result, a noticeable increase in power consumption (up to 3.26 kW) reached the new hash level.

The necessary computational power is provided by three built-in boards with 444 ASICs from Samsung in total.

The first half an hour after power-up, while the frequency is automatically adjusted, the processing power is slightly less. And after restarting, it reaches maximum performance.

An improved cooling system of two powerful fans allows you to maintain a stable optimal temperature of the case. The "heat" for the device operation comes when the degree rises above 40.


  • Mining algorithm – SHA-256;
  • Performance (hashrate) – 86 TH/s;
  • Power consumption – 3268 W;
  • Control board – H3;
  • Cooling system – two 14038 12V 7.2A coolers;
  • Temperature range – 5°C to 40°C;
  • Dimensions – 390*150*225 mm;
  • Weight – 10,5 kg;
  • External noise – 75 dB.

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