ASICs profitability ranking for Ethereum

The best devices for mining ETH

# Miner Coin Hashrate Power
Produced(24h) Revenue(24h)
Daily Cost Profits(24h) Detailed
1 INNOSILICON A10 (485M) eth 485 Mh/s 850W - - - - - detailed Detailed
2 INNOSILICON A10 Pro (720M) eth 720 Mh/s 1330W - - - - - detailed Detailed
3 INNOSILICON A10 Pro+ (750M) eth 750 Mh/s 1350W - - - - - detailed Detailed
4 Lemons L6 eth 1700 Mh/s 2100W - - - - - detailed Detailed
5 ETH-POWER eth 240 Mh/s 2300W - - - - - detailed Detailed
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Ethereum – a Bitcoin competitor

There are many ways to make money from cryptocurrency, but mining is considered to be the most reliable and stable method. This is computing new sections of the blockchain and confirming transactions of network users with specialized equipment. Investors invest in the hardware, download the appropriate software, set up the equipment and put it to work. Further the process is automatic.

After a certain period, the initial investment pays off, and the miner receives a net profit.

One of the most reliable cryptocurrencies for mining is Etherium, the closest competitor to bitcoin. To calculate blocks, modern miners use ASICs – integrated circuits designed specifically to work with the cryptocurrency.

Mining ETH is not as energy intensive as mining bitcoin, but it has its nuances. Let's find out how to mine Ethereum with Asics, how to choose equipment, and which models are most in demand on the market.

Features and benefits of mining ETH on ASICs

The classic way of mining ether has long been considered video cards, but progress does not stand still. Modern miners choose a less expensive, but more environmentally friendly way to calculate blocks – ASIC mining. This method is also notable for faster return on investment and higher profitability than video cards.
New equipment appears on the market all the time – even miners with serious operating funds can't keep up with the trends. However, new is not always synonymous with the best. Before you buy an advertised sample, it is worth studying the opinion of experts about this model and first of all, finding out what its performance and operational characteristics are.
ASIC – a device on integrated circuits (chips), designed specifically for mining. The first ASIC were set up with the SHA-256 block algorithm, that is they were designed for Bitcoin mining only. Later, equipment appeared for mining altcoins on Scrypt and X11 protocols (Litecoin, Dogecoin), but only in 2018, it became possible to mine Ethereum using integrated circuits.

Before that, miners used mining farms on video cards or used cloud services. Over time, these methods lost profitability due to the increasing complexity of the crypto-network and decreasing profits of classic miners. The first ASIC for Ethereum was the Antminer E3 device released by Bitmain. This was the beginning of the era of ETH mining on chips.

Physically, the ASIC for ETH mining is a small box that consists of a sturdy case, power supply, boards with integrated circuits, and coolers to cool the system. Setting up the equipment is elementary and available even to novice users. It is necessary to connect the power supply unit to the other elements, then plug the device in. To configure it, you will need special software, which is downloaded from the official website of the network.

Integral circuits for calculating mathematical algorithms have significant advantages compared to video cards:

  • high hash rate (a measure of the power of the device);
  • fast startup – no additional preparatory work besides software downloading is required;
  • users with minimal knowledge of blockchain can handle the equipment;
  • low power consumption in comparison with video cards and processors;
  • optimal quality-price ratio, which guarantees high profitability;
  • reinforced housing protects the equipment from mechanical damage;
  • takes up little space in comparison with farms on graphics cards;
  • easy care.
There are also disadvantages of Asics. And the main one is their narrow specialization. They cannot switch between different mining algorithms. This means that the user needs to decide in advance what cryptocurrency he will mine.

Another disadvantage is the difficulty of repair in case of breakage. Finding specialists to repair such equipment will be problematic. The next objective disadvantage for any asics, regardless of the mined cryptocurrency – they quickly become obsolete.
The complexity of mining increases, algorithms change, new generation integrated circuits appear, and the old ones become unprofitable. It will be difficult to sell them on the secondary market.

Choosing ASICs for ETH mining

When buying models, you will need to consider the following parameters:
  • performance (hash rate) – that is, the power of the device;
  • mining algorithm – in our case Ethash;
  • Payback time (profitability);
  • the complexity of operation;
  • noise level – an important indicator if you are mining in your apartment;
  • the warranty period and the opportunity to use it – if you order from abroad, it will be difficult to return the equipment for repair.
The ASIC software for Ethereum mining is important. The performance of integrated circuits largely depends on the right choice of software. The software is responsible for connecting, regulating the temperature of the device, and controlling the entire mining process. Several programs are used to calculate the ETH blockchain. For beginners, experts advise choosing Claymore's Dual Miner because of its easy installation and configuration.
Most Ethereum miners do not work on their own, but in a pool – a community of users. Self-mining is unprofitable unless you build a farm with a lot of Asics. Choosing a community, focus on more well-known pools. The commission must be low, and the server is located in your country.
There is an alternative option – renting Asics on cloud services. However, in this case, you should consider that there are a lot of cheaters in this area. Before you connect to any service, you will have to spend time on its verification. Read reviews and negotiate with the owners.

Top 3 best models for ETH mining

Let's move directly to the devices for mining. In 2022, the top 3 look as follows.

  • Innosilicon A11 Pro. Works on the Ethash algorithm and has a hash rate of 2000 Mh/s. Dimensions are quite compact, 36.2 x 13.6 x 28.5 cm. The weight of the device is 8 kg. Power consumption – is 2500 W. Memory – is 8 GB. According to the manufacturer, the unit brings at least $ 30 income per day (excluding the cost of electricity). The cost on the manufacturer's website – is at least $20 thousand.
  • Antminer E9. Designed specifically for Ethereum mining, hash rate – 3 Gh/s (this is a high performance). Nominal profit, as promised by the producer – $215 per day. The power consumption is at least 2550 W. It weighs about 14 kg and measures 19.5 x 29 x 40 cm.11
  • Linzhi Phoenix ETH. This miner costs about $15 thousand and consumes 3000 W. Performance in the range of 2600 Mh/s. Memory is 4.4 GB. Dimensions are 13 x 2,2 x 3,9 cm. There are two fans. The advantage of this asic is that apart from ether it can mine other altcoins – for example, Callisto or Akroma.

Bottom line

Before you buy a miner for ETH, be sure to ask about the cost of electricity in your area of residence. It is possible that a significant portion of the profit will go to pay for electricity and the payback period of the equipment will be too high.
Order models only from official dealers or directly through the manufacturers. Buying used Asics is a questionable decision because such devices are likely to have already used up their service life.

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