Bee Miner LD3

  • Coin Litecoin
  • Algorithm scrypt
  • Hashrate 4.8 Gh/s
  • Power
    3500 W
Profitability calculation Bee Miner LD3
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

One of the well-known participants in the market of cryptocurrency mining equipment BIT Mining has released a new one to obtain popular Litecoin and Dogecoin coins - beeminer ld3.

The creators of the new model presented it as the most affordable and efficient for getting popular altcoins. The manufacturer also drew attention to the short payback period.

In the case, you are interested in beeminer ld3, which you can buy from the beginning of 2023, the manufacturer in advance focuses on the fact that the chip power is used with a reduction factor of 0.9. It means the following: your machine is not programmed to run at full operating power. So we make a conclusion an attempt has been made to address the issue of overheating and severe wear and tear. Also, such an approach is able to help to lengthen maintenance intervals, which means lower operating costs.

Also, the company manufacturer claims to have a security guarantee when the work with cryptocurrencies for which unique mechanisms have been developed to protect both the software and the hardware level.

Bee Computing, a subsidiary of Bit Mining, acted as the developer. The deal that secured the takeover was made in 2022. The machine has generated interest from both professionals and newcomers to the market.

The Beeminer ld3, priced at $4500, has been released in quantities of 5,000 units. Whether mentioned number will grow, the hardware’s producer did not specify.

The developers managed to accommodate the new technologies into the classical austere housing, which protects from external influences. Also, the manufacturer has made sure: the miners could be assembled into a farm and compactly placed in a limited space. Built-in coolers provide operating temperature and cooling.

At this point, not much time has passed order to gather feedback on the performance of the device. Nevertheless, discussed miner is definitely worthy of attention. To make calculations more efficient, you are able to refer to the special calculator, which will help determine the work's profitability, taking into account the cost of electricity and the cost of mined coins. It is better to find out efficiency before beeminer ld3 pre-order because you could find out a long period to pay it back. So it is the reason why you need to have all calculations before starting your business.

Let's look at the beeminer ld3 hardware and the specifications the company indicated:

  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Coin: Litecoin, Dogecoin
  • Hashrate 4.8 Gh/s
  • 3500 W
  • 0.73 W/Mh

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