Antminer S17e

Antminer S17e

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 64 Th/s
  • Energy
    2880 W
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Antminer S17e started in 2019. This device is for not only BTC-mining but for other coins with SHA-256. Bitmain S17e represents a premium segment of the whole S17 series and is still a popular device in 2022 on the market.

The main features

The basic package. S17e includes has a power supply and a strong cooler that helps to maintain the temperature. There are three hash boards with processors with heat dissipating radiators. On the sides, there are four coolers.

The design allows you to use S17e in any position as horizontal, as vertical.

  • The weight is 10,5 kg.
  • Hashrate acceleration^ 60-65 TH/s.

*May add overclocking with custom firmware – overclocks to 80 TH/s (air cooling) and 100 TH/s (immersion cooling).

  • Power consumption – 2700 W.

Factory firmware for Antminer S17e. This firmware maintains stable operation of the device up to the mentioned above overclocking. It is possible to use the equipment in several modes.

Custom firmware for Antminer Bitmain S17E. The possibility of overclocking up to 80 TH/s (air cooled) and up to 100 TH/s (immersion cooled). There is a special mechanism for automatically protecting against high power consumption in case of unplugging or internet malfunction. The fans have temperature support on the chips, a quiet start, and a very low noise level.

Device profitability. With the high volatility on the market and complexity, we advise you to use specialized services with built-in income calculators for each device (whattomine).

The payback period is about half a year.

The order of Antminer S17E is available on our website and from official representatives. We also have a lot of used devices for approximately $2 100.

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