Antminer S17 Pro

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Antminer S17 PRO appeared in the summer of 2019, and, for that time, it was one of the best devices. Today, this antminer stays relevant and uses SHA-256.


There is a power supply and powerful coolers for temperature support. Using horizontal and vertical positions, you are able to use less space.

Hashrate overclocking is up to 56 Th\s with 2212 W power consumption.

  • Economy mode – 42 Th\s (1585 W).
  • Normal mode – 54 Th\s (2230 W).
  • Turbo mode – 57 Th\s (2500 W).

*Custom firmware could increase boost.

Energy efficiency. 39.4 J\Th in the condition of standard mode and normal temperature.

Factory firmware. The firmware provides stable operation of the device up to the claimed overclocking. It is possible to use the device in several modes: Economy, ordinary, and turbo.

Custom firmware for Bitmain s17 pro Antminer. Provides an ability to overclock up to 90 TH/s (on air cooling) and up to 100 TH/s (on immersion cooling). A device has a special mechanism that helps to avoid extra power consumption in case of unplugging or any problems with the internet. High cooling performance: the fans have temperature support on the chips, a soft start, and low noise.

  • Yield: 540 RUB per day.
  • A payback period is about half a year.

Ordering an Antminer s17 pro is possible on this site. Also, there are several variants of used devices at an approximate price of about 150 000 RUB.

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