Antminer DR5

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Antminer DR5 was released in 2019 by Bitmain. The model is for mining Decred, coins of the algorithm - Blake256r14. At the time of its release, this model caused a furor among Decred miners and amazed them with its overclocking. The previous model was only overclocking up to 7.8TH/s.


Equipment. The antminer comes with a built-in power supply. Connects the Ethernet network. There are two fans. The aluminum housing provides high thermal conductivity.

  • 178*238*297 mm
  • 35 Th/s (±10%)
  • 1 610W (±10%), with energy-saving mode.
  • Energy efficiency – 51 J/TH (±5%)
  • Two coolers.

Device profitability. Because of the high volatility, it is better to use a service with built-in income calculators for each device, for example, whattomine.

Payback is about 6-8 months.

Buy Antminer DR5 you can from official representatives of Bitmain. We have many second-hand models with an approximate cost of 600 000 RUB per unit.

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