Mining4You is a company providing a full range of services for mining - from ordering and delivery of equipment to hosting and maintenance. 

You can host your ASIC-miners in Krasnoyarsk data center - both in containers and in the building at a price of 0,071 USD per KWh. 

Repairs are made by top-notch professionals who have passed accreditation, right at the site (you save time, and therefore money). 

There is a access control system on the data center. The data center is guarded by armed guards. You can plan your visit by phone +7 (977) 808-01-70 or by @diana_miningbtc.

What is included in the price 0,071 USD:

  • Payment for hosting by the contract, VAT included;
  • Uptime 99%;
  • Round-the-clock equipment monitoring and technical support;
  • 24/7 video surveillance;
  • Service, maintenance and minor repairs of miners.

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